Adrean Allan


Major/Minor: English, Theater Arts & Psychology

Graduated from Investigation School with Honors in 1986 

Licensed as a Private Investigator in California since 1995 

Extensive experience in Legal & Investigation Field

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By Sam Hodges of Orlando Sentinel News Paper

"If you need a private eye, get one who wears lipstick !"

That is the advice of Harvey Morse, a veteran private investigator who is recent years has seen women enter his profession and excel.

"A good female private investigator can run circles around a good male private investigator with respect to gathering information," said Morse of Winter Park, Fla. "People are less suspecting of women. They don't feel intimidated, they tend to open up."

"Not so long ago, a female private eye was rare, but today, women constitute about 35 percent of the membership of the National Association of Investigative Specialists. That percentage grows annually."

"Along with gaining people's trust, and talking to people, and finding a way into places man can't usually go, women may have an edge as observers of human behavior."

"By nature, women are communicative. Whether you want to say woman talk a lot or listen a lot, it's true !

Women are more apt to sit and listen to a guy in a bar for half an hour. As an investigator, listening might be the key to success."

"The shadowy, dangerous moments of female Private Investigator's work portrayed on TV occur rarely in real life."