Infidelity Cases...



If you are unfaithful,

you better beware...


I'll follow & film...
every move you make...

I will listen & hear...
every breath you take..


* Do you have a "feeling" that you mate is unfaithful?

  If you do, chances are it's true !

* Does your mate hide the cell phone calls & texts ?

There should be no secrets in a good relationship.


* Has your relationship with your mate changed lately ?


Changes indicate a "red flag".


* Do you want to know the truth ?

 Let me be the one to guide you...

I know how it feels when one is in need of truth and closure. ​

We all have been there at one time or another, wanting to know and needing to get answers in our life.

It is my true intent to help my clients possibly repair dysfunctional relationship or end it and move on with their life.

It is very important for me to be able to provide my clients with closure so they can find true happiness either with someone else or just find peace knowing there is no betrayal in their life.